Sade Sade and Chuck Bettis

On a recent tour around various parts of the U.S., Sade Sade dropped by the scenic Paris London West Nile. A very fun show was put on by the likes of Chaw Mank, Andy from Slasher Risk and, after a performance of Solitary Confinement (Blank Tapes), a great collaboration with Sade Sade and the always brilliant Chuck Bettis. Chuck has been generously providing his music for us all to hear on WFMU’S Free Music Archive. Now he’s posted a recording of the collaboration from the show.

Chuck Bettis & Sade Sade – Live at Paris London West Nile

Enjoy… and take some time to listen to some other great jams Chuck has had a hand in (-1-, –2-, –3-). If you have an opportunity to see him live, buy a record from him, put out a record for him, or slip him a few bucks in gratitude for these tracks – do it!

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