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Gabriel Mindel Saloman is an American born artist living and working in Vancouver, BC.

As a musician he has spent nearly a decade touring internationally and has released well over 50 recordings as a part of the experimental music group YELLOW SWANS with Pete Swanson. Together they performed at numerous international music festivals including Sonar (ES), Open Circuit (BE) and Sonic Protest (FR), and were invited to join Art Council England’s Free Noise Tour in 2007.

He is currently producing music as a solo artist (under his own name and as Sade Sade) and has most recently released recordings with Miasmah Recordings, Beacon Sound, Infinite Greyscale and Shelter Press. He is also involved in various collaborations including Chambers with MRed (Lighta!, Low Indigo) and Diadem with Aja Rose Bond.

He also regularly composes music for contemporary dance and has been commissioned by choreographers including Vanessa Goodman, The Contingency Plan, Daisy Karen Thompson and Robert Kitsos.



Movement Building Vol. 1


Soldier’s Requiem (Miasmah, 2013)


Riots Don’t Just Happen (Infinite Greyscale, 2013)


Adhere (Miasmah, 2012)


Peaceful Protest (Diadem Discos, 2009)



Gabriel Saloman / Sade SadeChambers


Yellow Swans


Free Noise



General Motor Skillz




Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Concepts | CV

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