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Gabriel Saloman is a musician, composer, improviser and sound artist living and working in Santa Cruz, CA.

Saloman has spent over a decade touring internationally and released recordings with Beacon Sound, Infinite Greyscale, Miasmah Recordings, and Shelter Press.

He has released a dozen recordings of original compositions, as well as over 50 recordings as a part of the experimental music group Yellow Swans with Pete Swanson. Together they performed at numerous international music festivals including Sonar (ES), Open Circuit (BE) and Sonic Protest (FR), and were invited to join Art Council England’s Free Noise Tour in 2007.

He is also involved in various duos and ensembles including Neẓuẓot with hurdy-gurdy player Mustafa Walker, the Portland based free-funk collective Cexfucx, Chambers with MRed (Lighta!, Low Indigo) and Diadem with Aja Rose Bond. Additionally he has played as a member of or in collaboration with Peter Broderick, Common Eider King Eider, Sissy Spacek, Empty Love, In Flux, Boxleitner, Bleeder, and the Free Noise touring ensemble including Evan Parker, Spencer Yeh, John Wiese, John Edwards, MV Carbon and Jenny Graf.

He also regularly composes music for contemporary dance and has been commissioned by choreographers including Vanessa Goodman, The Contingency Plan, Daisy Karen Thompson and Robert Kitsos.

The Sensationalists

(Beacon Sound, 2020)


Movement Building Vol. 3

(Shelter Press, 2016)


Movement Building Vol. 2

(Shelter Press, 2015)


Movement Building Vol. 1

(Shelter Press, 2014)


Soldier’s Requiem

(Miasmah, 2013)


Riots Don’t Just Happen

(Infinite Greyscale, 2013)



(Miasmah, 2012)


Peaceful Protest

(Diadem Discos, 2009)


Gabriel Saloman / Sade Sade: Discography / Press / Media

Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Concepts | CV

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