Aja Rose Bond & Psychic DJ

Diadem’s own Aja Rose Bond and Gabriel Saloman will be participating in BLIM’s Community Market on Sunday, December 20th, between 11am and 5pm at the Cambrian Hall at Main and 17th.

Aja will be selling art and craft work – zines, handmade journals, drawings, buttons and more. Gabriel will be offering his divination services as Psychic DJ – real fortune telling using a small collection of 45’s . We’ll also most likely have a stash of records, cdrs, etc.

(It’s worth noting that Gabriel and Aja first met when Yellow Swans played at the old BLIM location with Andy Dixon and Chuck Bettis back in 2005.)

Hopefully folks will come out and say hello, especially since we didn’t get the word out in time for our joint appearance at the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret’s “Village Project”. The DFC literally transformed the Ukranian Hall in Strathcona into a full village, with market places, speakeasies, pie shops, apothecaries, theaters and public squares. It was a wonder, not just because almost everything was culled from second hand, recycled and dumpstered materials, but because thanks to  collective effort they erected the whole thing in a day and tore it down in less. It was truly inspiring… hopefully there will be more to come.

So please come out and say hello next Sunday. We’ll be there.

Happy Solstice and Happy Hanukkah


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