Aja Rose Bond & Gabriel Saloman are both independent musicians and sound artists. They have collaborated musically in a variety of formations, as a duo and in other groups.

As a duo, they record and perform as Diadem, exploring improvisation through melody and noise, using a variety of chance operation and graphic notation devices. They often perform with visual elements ranging from installation and sculpture to video and live projected drawings.

In addition to Diadem, Bond and Saloman have performed in other collaborative groups, in particular Yesod, with Tusk, and The Volunteer Ecstatic Orchestra with members of Nam Shub, Basketball, Ora Cogan and others.

They have also performed solo under a variety names (including DJ Tapes and Sade Sade, respectively) as well as other groups and collaborations. These include Her Jazz Noise Collective, In Flux, Yellow Swans, Chambers, Bleeder, Cex Fucx, Ocean Beach and Boxleitner.

For more information:

Diadem (bandcamp)


Live performances

Gabriel Saloman

Aja Rose Bond

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