Upcoming (Diadem related) Events

Thanks to everyone who cam out to our show on Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful show with great performances from O Paon and Aaron Read. Lots of love to both of them. It was also very emotional, on the heels of the V-day Women’s Memorial March in the Downtown Eastside. Everyon’e support that day and that evening was much appreciated.

Diadem doesn’t have much news – no shows except a likely visit to Fake Jazz Wednesdays in May some time.

Her Jazz Noise Collective, however, is busy as heck these days with the most recent installment of their “Women’s Studies” series. On March 7 is their 8th event, which will happen as always at VIVO, featuring Cris Derkson, Lee Shoal (Heather from Ejaculation Death Rattle); Attn: Diamond Shoppers, Dance Troupe Practice, Her Jazz Noise Collective, and the infamous DJ TAPES (aka Aja Rose). Doors at 8 Music at 8:30.

Also of interest, Diadem will be appearing every Tuesday night at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We will be offering our services as “Psychic DJ” in the Instant Coffee “Nooks” installation. Readings are free (though a tip wouldn’t be turned down), and they are first come first serve. The VAG is by donation after 5pm on Tuesday evenings, and we will be there sometime between 5:30 and 8:00 pm. We don’t technically have permission to do this, so be discreet. Keep an eye on our Divination Blog for updates, playlists, photos, etc.

Hope to see you!


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