Happy Solsctice

It may be getting ligther, but Winter sure isn’t finished with us yet. Luckily for us, we have a lot of work to keep us busy during our hermitage.

The good news is that our cassettes are more or less widely available! You can still get them from us personally (we’ll have some at our upcoming shows) but now you can get them in the mail. In Canada you can get them from Twee Death and in the U.S. you can order them from Aquarius Records. Not only did Aquarius write us a lovely review but Jon listed us as one of his Staff Picks/Top 10 of 2008 . Thanks you guys!

As if we weren’t totally blown away by their first release, Aja Rose and Gabriel Saloman (who is one half of the late Yellow Swans) have once again conjured up some of the most shimmery and gorgeous lo-fi ambience around. Two sides of live collaborations recorded last year in Portland, distant voices and guitar passages ring out, the faint sound of haunted bell towers ringing miles away, glowing horizons warm with evening’s fading light. Really captivating stuff here, mysterious clanging and ominous reverbed hush, a band of ghost gypsies passing through the darkened woods. So good. Too bad it was LIMITED TO 50 COPIES. Of which we have about 8 left. Gorgeous handmade packaging you sort of have to see to believe.” – Aquarius

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