Diadem Discos presents Fake Jazz

The ever awesome Fake Jazz crew has invited Diadem Discos to curate one of their weekly nights of eclectic experimental sounds at the ever so lovely Cobalt. Unsurprisingly we asked ourselves to play, but we also invited The Holy See, Attn: Diamond Shoppers, and Sara Gold to perform. Pretty much a show we’d be excited to see anytime! On top of this we’ll have the always great Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy, Winning, Ache Records, etc) doing th DJ thing, and a bit of artsy installation action put together by Diadem and friends.

MAY 20th… save the date!

Check out our  SHOWS page as a few of our other projects will also be busy the next month or so. Her Jazz is playing Signal and Noise and hosting its 9th Women’s Studies show. Also, Bleeder will be debuting its new/old 3 piece self at an insane show celebrating May Day at the Secret Location.

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