Cella | VIDF | March 19-20

Gabriel Saloman & Lisa Gelley Martin will reprise Cella (formerly Gravitate as performed in 2013 at the Powell Street Festival) as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival’s 2014 season. Saloman will be playing live for the duet, followed by a solo by fellow 605 Collective member Josh Martin.



605 Collective (Vancouver)


Fusing urban moves with contemporary dance, Vancouver’s 605 Collective has been gathering critical acclaim and audience raves across North America with their recent works, Audible and Inheritor Album, projecting the fresh creative energy that makes them the progenitors of a new generation of Canadian dance artists. For these first of three annual performances at the VIDF, 605 Collective members Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley offer two solo works Leftovers, created and performed by Josh, and Cella, created and performed by Lisa with a live accompaniment by Gabriel Saloman.

Choreography and Performance: Josh Martin

Choreography and Performance: Lisa Gelley
Music: Gabriel Saloman


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