Yellow Swans

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Yellow Swans (2001-2009)

Founded in Portland, Oregon and briefly located in Oakland, California, Yellow Swans was comprised of Pete Swanson and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (aka GMS). In the course of their career they released over 50 recordings on vinyl, cd, cassette and other odd formats.  Yellow Swans toured extensively through Europe, North America and Oceania, and played dozens of international festivals including Sonar (Barcelona, ES), Adventures in Modern Music (Chicago, US), Open Circuit (Hasselt, BE), Venn Festival (Bristol, UK) and Art Council England’s Free Noise Tour which traveled from Glasgow to London. They toured and collaborated with a large number of experimental musicians including Xiu Xiu, Evan Parker, Grey Daturas, Mouthus, Grouper, Axolotl, Gerritt, John Wiese, The Dead Science, C Spencer Yeh and many more.

They are generally described as Noise Music (ranging in sub-genre from drone to post-industrial to free-noise to psychedelic). Their music, both in performance and during live recording, is heavily improvised and built around a mix of analog and digital instruments including tape, guitar, microphones and a variety of electronics arranged in a large feedback network.  Live their music was performed incredibly loud to create a physically arresting experience of sensory deprivation/over stimulation. Underlying much of their music, artwork and speaking about their group was a generally anarchic political view that celebrated liberation and psychic autonomy.

In 2010, with the release of Going Places on Type Records Yellow Swans ended their project to begin other work.


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Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Concepts | CV

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