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Sade Sade at Little Mountain

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Gabriel Saloman / GMS / Sade Sade

Gabriel Saloman (GMS, Sade Sade) composes music for live performance and recordings for dance, video, film, and sound installation. His music investigates temporal abstractions, conceptual sound and gestural noise. There is a parallel concern with sound art as both liberating practice and praxis.

In recent performances and recordings Saloman’s music has been composed of percussion, tapes, mixer-feedback, guitar, keyboards, piano and voice. In particular Saloman has explored the use of found sound, field recordings, percussion and processed blank cassettes.

His sound work furthers investigations into Saloman’s concepts of art, sound and the politics of the social by focusing specifically on its function of both collective and autonomous resistance and emancipation while simultaneously contextualizing his practice in the contemporary radical milieu.

Saloman was a member of Yellow Swans and currently creates music in Diadem with Aja Rose; Chambers with MRed; and The Volunteer Ecstatic Orchestra with a number Vancouver based experimental musicians. He has previously collaborated with groups such as Bleeder; Boxleitner; Cexfucx; Yesod with Aja Rose Bond and Tusk.

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Releases (Italics = Unreleased/Upcoming)

All releases are limited. Send an email to find out about availability.

SDSD14 – Gabriel Saloman – “Drive” – 2012

SDSD13 – Gabriel Saloman – “Music for Prisons” – sound installation/download/website – 2012

SDSD12 – Gabriel Saloman & Andrea Creamer – “Compressions” – video/soundwork – 2012

SDSD11 – Gabriel Saloman – “Maxilla & Mandible” – 2012

SDSD10 – Gabriel Saloman – “Adhere” – lp/dlMiasmah Recordings – 2012

SDSD9 – Gabriel Saloman – “Olympic Bardo” – video/soundwork – 2011

SDSD8 – Gabriel Saloman – “Unlike Taste” – 2011

SDSD7 – Gabriel Saloman & Paul McDevitt – “The Cant” – 7″ep – ???

SDSD6 – Sade Sade – “Heart (The Central Organ)” – 1 sided cassette – Diadem Discos – 2010

SDSD5 – Sade Sade – “Solitary Confinement” – (blank cassette recordings) – cdr – Diadem Discos – 2010

SDSD4 – Sade Sade – “War Requiem” – website – Diadem Discos – 2009

SDSD3 – Sade Sade / The Worker – “Solitary Confinement (Live)”/ “Untitled” – cassette – Soldierpumps Records – 2009

SDSD2 – Sade Sade & Empty Love – cdr/download – Diadem Discos/Bien Bien – 2009

SDSD1 – Sade Sade – “Peaceful Protest” – cdr/download – Diadem Discos – 2009


Photos – West Nile 10/09; Secret Location 6/09; Little Mountain 2/09

Videos – Live at CCAD pt 1 & pt 2

Press – Furthernoise 11/09

Sade Sade

Sade (Adu) is a Nigerian born Singer-songwriter who’s music describes the depth of self-sacrifice and vulnerability possible in love, even to the point of addiction. Her name means “honour confers a crown”.

de Sade (Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade) was a French aristocrat and revolutionary who’s radical philosophy proposed an absolute freedom from the morality of law and religion. The term “Sadism” derives itself from his name.


Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Concepts | CV

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