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STAG Publications

The Stathcona Art Gallery (the STAG) published printed matter for a variety of their exhibitions and events. All of these were edited by Gabriel Saloman and Aja Rose Bond and featured writing, photography, drawings and documentation. All of these publications were given away for free.

#5 A Dime and a Shoestring / Sarah Foulquier & Slyvain Daval

#4 The Leak That Turned Into A Flood / Emilo Rojas & Patrick Blaeser

#3 Free Art!

#2 Crampin Style / Nxc Hxghxs

#1 SMOKE RINGS (2005-2010) / Heidi Nagtegaal

Journal of Radical Shimming

The Journal of Radical Shimming is the house organ of Red76, self-published and always given away for free. Edited by Sam Gould (with the exception of issue #5 which was co-edited with Gabriel Saloman) the JRS acts as a contextual bridge between intiatives and major exhibitions and projects by Red76. “The JRS is, apart from a means of documenting “radical” histories, a tool in print form in which to instigate discussion on how we encounter and define these histories; accepted, or otherwise. As well, the JRS is a forum in which to propose simple tools to instigate possible future histories in the making.”

Journal of Radical Shimming | JRS Archives | Creative Migration Documentary

Exhibition Catalogs

Open Engagement: An Anthology
by Jen Delos Reyes (ed.)

Open Engagement: Art and Social Practice 2007-2011 is a collection of essays, lecture transcriptions, interviews, photographs, and project documentation focused on socially engaged art that has emerged from the Open Engagement conference directed and founded by Jen Delos Reyes. Open Engagement explores the questions surrounding why artists have now, more than ever, turned towards ideas of community and social connections for creating their work. This book is a document of a selection of three years of conference materials that includes internationally known artists, curators, and scholars such as:

Mark Dion, Harrell Fletcher, Amy Franceschini, Julie Ault, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Fritz Haeg, Pablo Helguera, Nils Norman, and others.  This book wraps language around the burgeoning field, a critical text for those hoping to explore this subject. Each year this publication will be updated to include materials from the most recent conference.


Manifesta 8
The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Region of Murcia (Spain) in dialog with Northern Africa
Published by Silvana Editoriale, 2010
Paperback, 352 pgs / 260 color
Curated by Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Chamber of Public Secrets and, Manifesta 8 unpacks the very idea of Europe as it moves into the twenty-first century, focusing on the continent’s geographic boundaries and in particular its relationship to the Maghreb region of North Africa.


wehaveasmuchtime asittakes

We have as much time as it takes
Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA and CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, 2010
Paperback, 112 pages

Designed by Jon Sueda / Stripe, this one-color, 112-page exhibition catalog reflects many of the themes of We have as much time as it takes, including circular processes and resistance to the production of assessable results. The book features an exposed binding, nontraditional typesetting, and the absence of a cover. Challenging a common function of the conventional exhibition catalog, the images are speculative rather than documentary: a set of 10 drawings by Matthew Rana (a student in the Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies) illustrates his interpretation of the works in the show prior to the exhibition’s creation. The book also includes new texts by the poet Jasper Bernes and the writers Erica Levin and Daniel Marcus, an essay by Jacqueline Clay and Kristin Korolowicz, and interviews with each of the featured artists.

Featured Artists
Nina Beier and Marie Lund, David Horvitz, Jason Mena, Sandra Nakamura, Roman Ondák, Red76, Zachary Royer Scholz, Tercerunquinto, Lawrence Weiner, Christine Wong Yap

CCA Wattis Store |

Decent To Revolution
Bureau for Open Culture, 2009

Drawing on a range of ideas about urbanism, community, play, collectivity, education and revolution by figures like Jean Baudrillard, Guy Debord, Henri Lefebvre, Thomas Jefferson, Jean-François Lyotard and others, Descent to Revolution investigates how incremental shifts in cultural behavior are generated by continual production of knowledge, action and conversation. Revolution then is a slow, ever-evolving process responsive to a changing contemporary society. Within this investigation is a look at the role of the institution of art in realizing projects by practitioners whose production relies on contexts outside of the gallery.

 Descent to Revolution (issu)


Creative Time, 2009
Edited by Nato Thompson

A Guide to Democracy in America gathers more than 100 artists, cultural critics, and activists to reflect on the historical roots and current manifestations of democracy in the United States. This essential document includes: writing and artwork by Liam Gillick, Sharon Hayes, Jenny Holzer, Emily Jacir, Matt Keegan, Jon Kessler, Rodney McMillian & Olga Koumoundouros, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Steve Powers, Mark Tribe, and many others; comprehensive essays by Yates McKee, Doug Ashford of Group Material, and Nato Thompson; and interviews with Critical Art Ensemble’s Steve Kurtz, Rene Gabri & Ayreen Anastas, and Trevor Plagen; as well as a series town hall–style conversations with artists and activists from five cities across the country.


Superlight-05Superlight: 01SJ Bienniale


coresample1Core Sample (Clear Cut Press)




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