DDM06 Sade Sade – “War Requiem”

Composed by GMS using music by Benjamin Britten, John Cage, Crass, and Arvo Pärt, in the Fall of 2009.

“War Requiem” is composition that uses YouTube videos as its source material and whose performance is determined by its viewer/listener. Below are a sequence of videos which are to be played simultaneously, layering their respective soundtracks and potentially creating a fractured mass of stuttering bits of audio data (depending on the capabilities of the individual viewer’s computer). I have ordered the videos in a sequence that I believe creates an ideal narrative and which reflects my generally intended sonic relationships. My preference is that they be started systematically and almost immediately one after the other. However, the viewer can order these videos as they please, omitting any they choose, ending any they wish to and choosing their own timing for the initiation of each.

This piece is inspired by a Red76 initiative called the YouTube School for Social Politics. There is a video essay introducing the piece, as well as a text I’ve written, at this address: https://diademdiscos.wordpress.com/war-requiem/

Fight War, not wars



1. John Cage: 4’33” for piano (1952)

2. Crass – Fight war Not wars

3. Crass – What The Fuck

4. Britten War Requiem Rostropovich Lacrymosa

5. Britten War Requiem Rostropovich Lacrymosa

6. Britten War Requiem Rostropovich Requiem aeternam

7. Britten War Requiem Rostropovich Sanctus Kasrashvili

8. Arvo Pärt: Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten

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  1. hey this is great.. its funny I have really bad internet and especially youtube seems to be affected… so this piece was a total glitch fest with long (10 15 sec) breaks with random bursts of sound.. i played all the tracks at once and it was actually really beautiful… sometimes several tracks would play at once sometimes just one…
    thanks good job.. xo JP

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