Recordings, Objects and Printed Matter

All releases are extremely limited. Some stores and distros will carry small quantities, including Aquarius, Zulu, and Twee Death. Please contact us about availability. More coming soon…


DDM001     Aja Rose & Gabriel Saloman “self-titled” (cdr)

Direct to cassette, this duo’s first recording sessions. Five pieces of psychedelic melodicisim, eclectic rythem< and acoustic dissonance.“The way melodies overlap and intertwine, changing each other’s time and swirling all about reminds us of some tripped-out shoegaze band trying to go psych-drone. Really, really beautiful and blissed-out, and definitely recommended.” – Aquarius Records. Beautiful handmade art by Aja Rose. Limited edition 100.

DDM002     Diadem “Lightning/Spider/Grey” (c30)

Two tracks of lyrical improvisations from the same sessions that created the eponymous cdr before it. This time recorded digitally, but with no less buried-under-tape atmosphere. Gorgeous hand-made art by Aja. Limited edition of 50.

DDM003     Sade Sade “Peaceful Protest” (cdr)

The first full length solo release from GMS (Diadem, Yellow Swans). Four epicly cinematic meditations on violence and hope. A combination of soaring guitar exploration and the tape focused work that has been more of a live staple, including the final track which is completely composed from processed blank cassette. Comes with a dense zine / reader exploring arguments around the revolutionary tactics of violence and non-violence. Limited edition of 100.

DDM004     Sade Sade & Empty Love “Untitled”(cdr)

Collaboration between Vancouver based artists Empty Love and Sade Sade. The former brings layers of deep tone and throb via analog synths while the latter processes said sound via mixer feedback alongside various tape manipulations. Dark and powerful rumblings from beneath the surface. Limited edition of 20 (first edition) & 40 (second edition). Free digital download.

DDM006    Sade Sade “War Requiem” (webpage)

“War Requiem” is a composition that uses YouTube videos as its source material and whose performance is determined by its viewer/listener. Composed by GMS using music by Benjamin Britten, John Cage, Crass, and Arvo Pärt, the sequence of videos are to be played simultaneously, layering their respective soundtracks and potentially creating a fractured mass of stuttering bits of audio data (depending on the capabilities of the individual viewer’s computer). Inspired by Red76’s YouTube School for Social Politics initiative, this piece hopes to function both as a multimedia sound experiment and an essay on the utility and futility of music and art as tools to protest war. Unlimited edition – available here.


DDM008   Diadem “Live at the Western Front / Live at Charles H. Scott Gallery” (cdr)

DDM009   DJ Tapes “Fanzine #1” (c90)

DDM010   Aja Rose Bond “Flying Lions”  (cdr)


DDM005   Aja Rose Bond “The Sources 1-6” (3vol. zine)

Completed in under 48 hours, this set of 3 zines is comprised of 6 collages, each a scrapbook of over 2 years of inspirational images, wall hangings and ephemera. Each volume pairs 2 collages and depicts a process of emerging and disappearing not unlike the surrealist mash-ups of Bond’s DJ Tapes project but in print form. Accordian format with 12 pages of color and b&w photocopies bound between cardstock covers. Hand stamped, signed and numbered. Limited edition of 20.

DDM011  Heidi Nagtegaal “Smoke Rings (2005-2010)” (tabloid)

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