Below is a description of Diadem’s “Clairsentience” workshop. If you are interested in hosting this workshop please contact us at


CLAIRSENTIENCE: An Introduction to Divination In Art, In Music, In Practice

an Artist talk and Workshop presented by DIADEM

CLAIRSENTIENCE means a “clear sensing”, an awareness that is unadulterated by our desire to control meaning or give a “rational” explanation for what we experience. Many people, as artists and musicians in particular, have startling moments of awareness, channelling ideas or images from unknown places, intuitively making gestures or sounds that seem to come from outside themselves. They are not mistaken. We are constantly in the midst of collaboration – an act of exchange between two creative partners – between ourselves as individuals and the Universe. We are co-creators.

DIVINATION is the act of listening to the World’s communication, and art-making, music-making, in fact all of our creative acts are our way of talking back, of responding.

DIADEM is the musical and artistic collaboration of Aja Rose and Gabriel Saloman. Individually and together they have involved various forms of divination in their creative practice. They use it as a means of creating instant compositions, both as a form of graphic score and as a chance operation which helps unlock creative ideas. They have created several devices ranging from Card decks to game pieces to whole albums which serve multiple functions including that of Divination for the performers and the audience. In addition they have taught skill shares, performed as “Psychic DJ’s” and developed games which delve further into the subject.

AJA ROSE & GABRIEL SALOMAN  will present examples of their work, discussing various concepts they have been investigating and present a workshop in which various skills around divination are developed. A unique set of divination cards will be created collectively. Included in this workshop will be food, tea, open discussion and a musical performance.

Workshop attendees are asked to bring paper images that they find inspiring (magazine clippings, photocopies, patterns, photographs, etc) to be used to create the collective deck of cards.

No previous experience with the concepts or the practice of Divination is required. Open minded and polite skeptics are welcome.

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