DJ Tapes

DJ Tapes is a project by Aja Rose Bond (Diadem, HerJazz Noise Collective) that utilizes cassette tapes as a musical and conceptual basis for new sonic explosions. Performances vary greatly, covering territory as diverse as live DJ sets at dance parties, Harsh Noise experiments, and highly developed compositions.

DJ Tapes’ source materials range from original and dubbed cassettes including everything from pop music, noise, ambient field recordings and “books on tape” to her own original compositions.  She is inspired by an endless fascination with the tactile, analog nature of cassettes, the visceral, mechanical experience of handling them, and the intrinsic value of the mixtape as art object.

DJ Tapes has performed as a part of  Vancouver New Music’s Copyright/Copyleft Festival; Her Jazz Noise Collective’s Women’s Studies; Fuck Off and Dance; and This Summer’s Going to Be a Girl Riot at VIVO Media Arts Centre.


Sample from VNM’s Copyright/Copyleft Festival

Writing about DJ Tapes

“Plundering with Love” by Allan MacInnis, The Skinny

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