Rodrigo Barriga | This Never Happened | May 26, 2023

I’m excited to be participating in a guitar ensemble led by Rodrigo Barriga performing “Actions”, a score inspired by Richard Serra’s famous Verb List (1967).

This will be part of “This Never Happened: A Performance of Open and Indeterminate Musical Works,” May 26, 2023 @6pm in UCSC Music Department Room 131, Santa Cruz, California.


Saxophone Quartet

Tom Weeks ðŸŽ·

Geoff Saba ðŸŽ·

Cody Putman ðŸŽ·

Rent Romus ðŸŽ·

Continuo II, for open instrumentation

Lydia Barrett ðŸ—£ï¸

Balakrishnan Gayathri Raghavan ðŸ—£ï¸`

Joe Finkel ðŸŽ·

Christopher Everingham ðŸ¥•

Sean Keenan ðŸŽ¸

Rodrigo Barriga ðŸŽ¸

Actions, for any number of electric guitars or basses

Camaron Stephens  ðŸŽ¸

Gabriel Saloman ðŸŽ¸

Drew Daniels ðŸŽ¸

Sean Keenan ðŸŽ¸

Rodrigo Barriga ðŸŽ¸

Trio, for open instrumentation

Christopher Everingham ðŸ¥•

Sean Keenan ðŸŽ¸

Samuel Cushman ðŸ¥

And more…


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