Landscape & Life | Indexical | 2021-2022

Indexical presents a year long series of exhibitions, talks, and performances curated by Gabriel Saloman Mindel.

What are the antinomies of landscape and life? The juxtaposition of the word “landscape” against “life” is an attempt to force our recognition of the ways in which the former is not guaranteed to be inclusive of the latter. In fact, the concept of landscape has historically been mobilized to deny the existence, agency and rights of those lifeforms which have inhabited the spaces designated as landscapes. This exhibition series is a rebuttal against this terra nullian framework which has insisted upon the lifelessness of land. Such thinking has allowed for practices of extraction, dispossession and ruination that continues to shape our lives today. In contrast, the artists participating in this series draw our attention to the imminence of life within the landscape, making visible and audible the presence of human and non-human vitality in what in art, geography and law has too often been represented as empty space. Each of the artists accomplish this using visual, aural and conceptual techniques, while also drawing into their work an aesthetics of relationality and social collaboration. In addition to three exhibitions over the 2021-2022 season, Landscape & Life will explore these concerns through public talks, performances and workshops. The exhibition series will be archived online and in a publication produced after its conclusion.

Oct/Nov 2021
Paige Emery *
Suzy Poling *

Jan/Feb 2022
Raven Chacon *

Apr/May 2022
Paul Walde *

Speaker Series includes:

  • Adrian Drummond-Cole
  • Anna Friz
  • DSA Ecosocialist Working Group
  • Karolina Karlic & Unseen California
  • Louise Leong, Tim Young & Aja Rose Bond
      + more tba

Indexical is an organization in Santa Cruz, California, dedicated to experimentation in music.

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