Yellow Swans Archive / Collective Jyrk Archive

Very pleased to announce that a pair of archival projects are being launched today.

Yellow Swans Archive will be collecting nearly every release that Yellow Swans produced between 2001 and 2009 for digital streaming and download via Bandcamp.

We’ll be releasing recordings from across our catalog every month, including limited edition physical reissues. Our first two releases will be on cassette and include Live During War Crimes #2 and Detestifi Yellow Swans

We will also be releasing vinyl reissues of Going Places and Being There via Boomkat later this year.

In addition to Yellow Swans Archive we are launching an archive of Collective Jyrk, the record label and art collaborative that released our own music and dozens of limited edition cassettes, cdrs and vinyl for artists in Portland and across the international experimental music underground of the early-mid 2000s. Our first three releases include music by Inca Ore, Ghosting and Axolotl.

I’m incredibly grateful to the fans, friends and collaborators who have continued to share their appreciation for our music and I sincerely hope that this project is a way to both give back to them and to continue promoting the amazing artists that we built a world with along the way.

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