Mapping Collaboration | Launch

Announcing the launch of MAPPING COLLABORATION – a tool for teaching and building interdisciplinary collaborations.

After months of research and development, a team including Rob Kitsos, Gabriel Saloman and Alex Mah have created a unique website devoted to the exploration of interdisciplinary arts.

“We created this website as a tool for teaching and building interdisciplinary collaborations. The inspiration came from faculty and students at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts — where BFA programs in Dance, Theatre Production and Design, Visual Art, Film and Music all work together in studio settings and playfully experiment with processes of art making.

We wanted to create a database of images, projects, sounds and theory that we collect inside the studio and from research happening in other places.  We are curious about how we collaborate and how structures reoccur, translate and deviate from one discipline to another.  Composition is central to these processes and offers a base for our approaches and experiments. ”

from the Introductiond

The website includes a Toolbox with definitions, teaching tools and projects, as well as a wealth of resources including an extensive bibliography, weblinks and a page devoted to some important examples of interdisciplinary collaboration from history. There are also examples of this work being used in practice and ways for other educators and creators to engage.

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