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This video is part of The Collective, a CBC Arts digital project that invites artists to tell their own stories. Learn more about the project, and watch more Collective videos

Collective:605 Collective
Film:Moving Conversations
Synopsis: This brief look inside of the creative process for 605 Collective’s newest work-in-progress explores the complex task of finding the ensemble while celebrating individuality. From studio to stage, the piece is a conversation in motion, with a diverse physical language woven together from the movement vocabularies of each distinct performer.

Vancouver’s 605 Collective sits at the opposite end of the spectrum from the kind of tyrannical ballet troupes you see in the movies. The dance company’s pieces grow out of a highly collaborative creative process, one that honours the varying dance backgrounds of its members. In their Collective video, the group brings the viewer along to witness that process, from studio to stage, as they put together their latest work, Vital Few.

Follow this link to watch the clip and to read an interview with the company’s co-artistic director Josh Martin:


Direction: Sophia Wolfe and 605 Collective

Editing: Sophia Wolfe

Original Music: Gabriel Saloman

Camera: David Cooper and Sophia Wolfe

Choreography: 605 Collective

Dance Direction: Lisa Gelley and Josh Martin

Featured Performers:
Hayden Fong
Lisa Gelley
Josh Martin
Odile-Amélie Peters
Jane Osborne
Jessica Wilkie

Project Consultant: Brian Johnson

Thanks to
The Dance Centre
Vancouver International Dance Festival

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