Gabriel Saloman | Big Joy Festival | Dec 5

Friday, December 5

Big Joy Festival
with Gabriel Saloman, Total Life, V Vecker and more..

The Remington Gallery (108 E Hastings)
7pm | $15

A rare live performance by Gabriel Saloman at the stellar local experimental music festival, Big Joy.

Big Joy is a music festival, that in it’s second year will be showcasing current experimental acts from the Pacific Northwest. We’re hoping to present a broad spectrum of what Vancouver’s weirdo music scene has to offer, encompassing everything from drone and harsh noise, through to ambient and electronic music. Each event will feature a mix of genres, styles and musicians in a cohesive and fluid manner.

(Featuring visuals and sounds in the front lounge by
Kristen Roos and Ross Birdwise)

Total Life 12:15pm
Gabriel Mindel Saloman 11:30pm
V Vecker Ensemble 10:50pm
Rusalka 10pm
Holzkopf 9:30pm
Whip of The Ufo 9pm
Gretchen Snakes 8:30pm
Reflektionss 8pm

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