Riots Don’t Just Happen 10″ | Gabriel Saloman | Infinite Greyscale

Gabriel Saloman has just released a 10″ vinyl recording of music from Riots Don’t Just Happen on the Infinite Greyscale imprint.

**One-sided red vinyl with a screen-print on the b side. Individually hand-numbered edition of 300 with photo, insert and download code redeemable from the label. Mastered by Rashad at D&M**

Former Yellow Swan Gabriel Saloman presents another beautifully dystopian composition for dance, nearly one year on from his elegantly sombre solo debut, ‘Adhere’. This time he’s soundtracking Daisy Karen Thompson’s choreography for ‘Riots Don’t Just Happen’, reflecting it’s themes of causality with a brooding mass of overcast drone precipitating massive battery of militant percussion.

Meditating on a Martin Luther King statement, “Riot is the language of the unheard”, Saloman tempers and transposes the incendiary rage of Yellow Swans to a more sophisticated and theatrical appeal with a pensive arrangement sweeping from a mass of guitars which sound like distant horns to a wide-open panorama of low, scanning bass drone before a towering crest of feedback gives way and the damage is done.

The impeccable mastering job by Rashad Becker no doubt enhances the visceral, vivid impact when it all comes crashing down, and the beautiful presentation by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck’s Infinite Greyscale company is fittingly special.

– Boomkat


IGR01 package

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