Re-marks on Source Material | GCA SFU Vancouver | July 27-28

Gabriel Saloman is once again collaborating with choreographer Daisy Karen Thompson, producing a musical score for a new dance work, Re-marks on Source Material. Similar to their previous collaboration, Riots Don’t Just Happen, this piece explores bio-power, the disciplined body and choreography as an act of resisting those forces. This performance is in some ways a prelude to Disorientations, Daisy and Gabriel’s upcoming exhibition at the Audain Gallery (August 27-September 7).

Re-marks on Source Material

27 July 2013 – 28 July 2013, 8:00pm
Studio T, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St.
$15.00/$5.00 (tickets on the door),

27th July 2013 –  8pm
28th July 2013 –  2pm & 8pm

Concept & Direction: Daisy Thompson
Movement & Performance: The dancer’s – David Clennin, Katie DeVries, Francesca Frewer, Jana M. Jacques, Michael Kong, Jessie Kwan, Alexa Solveig Mardon, Erica Mitsuhashi, Olivia Shaffer, Kimberly Stevenson, Yawen Wang
Sound: Gabriel Saloman
Lighting Design: James Kokol

Re-marks on Source Material is part 1 of Daisy Thompson’s MFA final presentation. The starting point for this piece, looked at the simultaneous networks of power relations that one is apart of in society, and how one is both compliant and complicit, behaviourally, within these networks. During her 2 years at SFU, Daisy has been refining her interests in collaborative working methods, which reduce hierarchical structures within educational and creative processes.

“When I write of disrupting or changing history, I begin with the assumption that people can change, that we are not totally determined by, bespoken by the culture in which we live”  –  “Bones” by Bronwen Wallace

The complexities of belonging are numerous.
To ‘fit in’ is to become obliged to participate.
A means to an end becomes a repeated formulation of ideas that are determined before they emerge.
What if we choose not to determine the end?
What if we try another approach?
What if we except change as potential and loose fear of the unknown?
Here we are.

Re-marks on Source Material

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