Cascadia | Collar Works | May 31- June 22

Aja Rose Bond will be exhibiting FLAGS  and SALMON HATS  in Cascadia, an exhibition at Collar Works in Troy, NY. You can view photos of the exhibition here.

Collar Works is pleased to announce Cascadia, an exhibition of eighteen Pacific Northwest artists.

Anna Fidler

Michelle Forsyth

Aja Rose Bond

Cable Griffith

Britta Johnson

Ryan Molenkamp

Molly Magai

Rita Alves

Chip Baker

Scott Grigg

Libby Gerber

Suzy Kitman

Sarah Morejohn

Gordon Nealy

Uli Ostermann

Garric Simonsen

Martha Schlitt

Christy Turner

Cascadia explores the current artistic climate of the pacific northwest regions of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Once a geographic area proposing to become its own independent nation, this North American stretch stands unique against its adjacent states and provinces. With a distinctive coastal landscape containing natural wonders such as sea stacks, volcanoes and rain forests, it’s not hard to see how folkloric creatures such as vampires dwell in its territories. Cultural idiosyncrasies of this region also make the northwest alluring, having given birth to popular movements from grunge to gourmet food foraging. Making connections between dramatic landforms and individual and cultural nuances, the artists in Cascadia address themes involving living in the Pacific Northwest — and participate in exploring the creation of a wormhole from the northwest to the northeast.

Curated by Jenny Kemp


Reception: Friday, May 31st from 5 to 9 p.m.

Viewing Hours: Saturday’s from 12 to 4 p.m. or by appointment

Open May 31st through June 22nd, 2013

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