Hypercraft Studio Launch \\ Nov16-18 \\ at Rattle


Announcing the launch of HYPERCRAFT STUDIO, a project by Aja Rose Bond. HYPERCRAFT STUDIO is a rematerialisation of the installation by the same name at the Art Bank in 2011, created as part of the Hammock Residency. This year, HYPERCRAFT STUDIO is the realization of its futuristic fantasy self – the studio that “will be” – while also acting as the set for a new business by the same name that will feature Aja Rose Bond’s fine arts & craft as well as educational services. This business will begin online and move to brick-and-mortar in time.


Come celebrate its launch at Rattle1410 Venables Street, Vancouver

Part of the Eastside Culture Crawl

HYPERCRAFT Studio is a project by Aja Rose Bond, an intermedia artist with background in music, craft and fashion respectively, drawing from the deep influence of D.I.Y. punk, Feminism and Witchcraft. She explores the interplay of the public and the private through collaborations, collective organizing, solo-projects and a variety of mediums including sound, performance, installation, textile sculpture, drawing, collage and social practice. Her intimate relationship with certain occult traditions has deeply informed her process which includes the use of divination, symbols and geometry to align and reveal the more hidden elemental and energetic aspects of the work. While at once being a political statement and an economic necessity, the use of found and reclaimed materials is instrumental to her understanding of the subtle life within objects. By attempting to balance service and self-care within her practice as a whole, and by ritualizing both process and presentation, she creates spaces wherein their boundaries may overlap or dissolve altogether. It is an intentionally intuitive approach wherein conceptual analysis reveals itself lastly, if at all. She is self-taught with the exception of some formal training in fashion arts and contemporary music. Her other projects and collaborations include; HYPER-CRAFT Studio, The STAG (Strathcona Art Gallery) Library, Craft Pride Procession, Her Jazz Noise Collective, UNARC (Underground Network of Artist-Run Culture), WOEVAN (Witches of East Van), Seamrippers Craft Collective, Diadem (w/partner Gabriel Saloman), In Flux (w/members of Shearing Pinx), DJ Tapes and the Women’s Studies performance series co-produced w/VIVO Media Arts Center. She lives in Vancouver.

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