So Crazy It Just Might Work | March 7-24th | Audain Gallery

Gabriel Saloman will be showing a new video work as part of a student curated show at SFU’s Audain Gallery…

So Crazy It Just Might Work
Exhibition Opening: March 7, 2012 at 7PM, Exhibition: March 8-24th

The SFU School of Contemporary Arts presents:


A visual art exhibition curated and organized by third-year SFU Visual Art students featuring work by students from across the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU.

We exist in a time of cultural, political, and social flux that is also marked by a sense of yearning, even if inchoate and diverse, for something different or better.

So Crazy It Just Might Work, this year’s annual student exhibition, explores the tensions and problematics presented by notions of utopia within the contemporary historical moment. This theme is approached from both critical and unconventional perspectives, using a variety of media. Rather than defining answers, however, the works included in the exhibition act as investigatory apparatuses through which to produce, reflect on, and engage new questions.

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