unlike taste | Dancing on the Edge Festival

This year Dancing on the Edge Festival and the Firehall Arts Centre invited Vanessa Goodman, a local choreographer, dancer and educator to create a new site-specific public work. Vanessa was kind enough to ask me to compose a new piece of music to accompany her work. The result was 4 performances of unlike taste in downtown Vancouver’s Victory Square.

After years of mutual admiration and dreaming Vanessa and I were finally able to work together and we’re very excited about the result. I encourage you to seek out Vanessa’s work in her collective The Contingency Plan and in the company dancersdancing. Huge thanks to the amazing work of Cai Glover, Jacqui Lopez, Lindsey White, Michael Kong, Lexi Vajda, Marisa Gold and Milena Read who danced and co-created this piece. Also a huge amount of appreciation for the community of that park for supporting this work.

– Gabriel

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