Diadem does Fake Jazz!

Fake Jazz and Diadem presents…

The Volunteer Ecstatic Orchestra
(ecstatic rhythm ‘n’ drone featuring members of Basketball, Nam Shub, Diadem, Ora Cogan and more)
(Andy Dixon’s Hip-hop mash-up gets extra weird)
(Fredrick Cummings’ diva drag perversion performance persona)
Platypus Toof
(Amberleigh’s drum’n’synth mind stretch)
Eden Vaudry
(Psychedelic video freak outs from Victoria)

DJ Tapes
(grimy magnetic DJ action)

Weds, April 20th
at the

Astoria http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5969700673
Caving http://caving.bandcamp.com/
DJ Tapes https://diademdiscos.wordpress.com/aja-rose/music/dj-tapes/
Eden Vaudry http://www.edenveaudry.com
Mangina http://www.facebook.com/frederick.cummings
Platypus Toof http://soundcloud.com/platypustoof

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