5 Moons Before the Riot

DIADEM will be exhibiting a new artwork as part of the PuSh Festival’s Counter Mapping group exhibition at the Roundhouse Centre.


Please join us for the opening of Counter Mapping, a visual art exhibit that has been created to accompany the PuSh Festival performance of City of Dreams, presented with Urban Crawl.

Counter Mapping – Exhibit Opening

Tuesday January 18, 2011 at 5pm

Gerry Thorne Exhibition Gallery, Roundhouse Arts & Recreation Centre

Light refreshments will be served, and artists will be present.

This exhibit opening is free and open to the public, no RSVP is required.


DIADEM have created a piece called 5 Moons Before the Riot.

Two maps reflect one another as alternating subjective detournements of the imposition of concrete, structure and control. A soft-sculpture collage of textiles and adornments suggests the topography of Vancouver’s landscape – coloring the land that lies beneath and the energetic operations that take place along its surface. This topography is juxtaposed with a flat wall map showing streets and landmarks of the cityscape. This map is broken; conformed to a sacred geometric pattern that prioritizes the ley line structure of social relationships rather than the objective patterns of architecture.
In the Fall and Winter of 2009/2010 a group called WOEVAN (Witches of East Van) performed a sequence of public rituals in an effort to create a protective shield around various communities, families and friends, all of whom would be negatively affected by the events before and during the Winter Olympics. With the intention of creating hidden “energetic reservoirs”, WOEVAN mapped a pentagram upon the city, meeting for five months on the full moon to perform private/public actions at what they determined to be critical sites of relationship and activity. This work is an interpretation of these actions.

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