Friday… Revolution! Saturday… Hard Times, Vast Feelings!

One of Aja and my favorite Vancouver poets (and people) Donato Mancini has kindly invited me to read a poem as part of

An Evening of Revolutionary Poetry
Programmed by Am Johal and Donato Mancini

Friday November 12, 7:30 pm $5-$10 suggested donation

at VIVO Media Arts Centre 1965 Main Street

20 Vancouver writers and artists will weep and wail poems of revolution by (such poets as) Amiri Baraka, Pier Passolini, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Edwin Rolfe, Kenneth Rexroth, Cesar Vallejo, Tsang K’e-Chia, Huddie Ledbetter, Osip Mandelstamm, Paul Eluard, and many others.

I’m not one for ruining surprises but the chances of this post doing that are slim… so if you come you’ll get to hear me read William Stafford’s At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border, and you’ll receive a photocopy of bill bissett’s a pome in praise of all quebec bombers.

Then, Saturday night….


The STAG will be hosting a closing event for Ora Cogan’s Hard Times, Vast Feelings.

Ora will be playing some music along with Aja Rose Bond, as MAEVE

Things start at 7pm and go ’til 10pm.

contact diademdiscos xxx gmail xxx com if you need help finding us.

Hope we’ll see you there.


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