Tin Can Radio

Tin Can Studio at Emily Carr

Diadem has been invited to contribute to Tin Can Radio, a pirate radio broadcast that will eminate out of Tin Can Studio during the Olio Festival.

Tin Can Studio is a mobile project space housed in a converted 18ft Streamline trailer. Our goal is for the project to become a platform for collaboration and public engagement; a place where people can come together to build, make, show and share ideas with the intention of building community through the act of collaborative production, as well as through the creation of a physical space for gathering and dialogue. (From their website)

Tin Can Radio will be broadcasting live during the OIio Festival September 23rd to 26, and Diadem will be broadcasting with them on Saturday the 25th from 12pm to 4pm. We’ll be broadcasting a new piece of music that we’ve made just for this event, a surreal construction of A.M. radio static and other instruments. Also, GMS will be talking with their host Matty Harris (Red Gate, Nam Shub) most likely about taping music off the radio as a teen and driving across the country with a busted radio stuck on A.M.

Check 89.7FM to hear it live…

or drop by the back parking lot of VIVO to see it in action. If you miss the performance, keep your eyes peeled as the broadcast will be turned into a podcast that we’ll re-post as soon as it’s up.

Matty Harris in the Tin Can

Check below for more details including schedule and locations.

– Diadem

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