Signal & Noise X

Some Diademic action this weekend at Signal & Noise X, VIVO Media Arts Centre’s annual festival of media arts.

Every night of programming is great, with lots of experimental video works from Canada and beyond, as well as some really great live performances from Empress, Nervous Operator and others.

Saturday nights second program, “Unpacking My Records”, features a live dance, textile, video and sound performance by prOphecy sun and DJ Tapes. In that same program is new YouTube composition by Sade Sade called “The Pragues”.

Lots of other great work, both this evening and throughout the festival. Please come out!
Also, on Sunday at 1:00 Gabriel Saloman (aka Sade Sade) will be moderating a panel with Paul Walde, Brady Cranfield and Kevin Clancy called “Lost in Translation” at VIVO’s lounge as part of Signal and Noise.

See you there.



Saturday May 29, 10:00pm, 96min

Music was once an archive of collective memory and meaning and a medium for transmitting folk history. In the 20th Century it became an object, a commodity and an industry that constructed memory, history and meaning. In the 21st Century music is once again in the process of transfiguration as all that is solid melts into digital air. In an era of digital dissemination, what is our relationship to recorded objects? What meaning do our collections and archives hold? How do we reveal ourselves as we unpack our records? If the object and objective of these pop-culture artifacts moves beyond disseminating sound towards constructing identity, is the only way to respond by deconstructing the record’s material form?

prOphecy Sun & DJ Tapes dig into the pantheon of pop-culture, dress-up and thrifted cassettes to reflect the self in flux. The construction and loss of identity through idolatry is playfully engaged by Pascal Lièvre, whose work pays homage to Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, and Leslie Supnet, who re-animates Jeff Krulik’s legendary documentary. Sade Sade asks how pop-music becomes a means of tracking socio-political histories by orchestrating a symphony of YouTube videos. The otherworldly images and electro-acoustic soundscape of Not Still by Billy Roisz collapses vinyl grooves into a new topography. Brady Cranfield and Josh Rose condense the recorded heritage of African-American diaspora into its formal and physical extreme.

prOphecy sun
& DJ Tapes, Quilt of Mirrors | 2010 | 20min | AV Dance Performance | Canada
Leslie Supnet, Fair Trade | 2009 | 5min | DV | Canada
Pascal Lièvre, Don’t Kill Britney | 2008 | 4min | DV | France
Leslie Supnet, The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot | 2008 | 2min | DV | Canada
Sade Sade, The Pragues | 2010 | 15min | A/V Performance | Canada
Jubal Brown, Party Tape #63 | Ongoing | 3min | DV | Canada
Billy Roisz, Not Still | 2008 | 10min | DV | Austria
Brady Cranfield & Josh Rose, I IV V I | 2010 | 30min | Sound Performance | Canada

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