Winter News

Diadem is busy, though the fruits of our productivity may take a little while to be revealed. Here are some highlights, previews and hints…

DIADEM is plugging away at its long in-the-works album/divination card set “13 Moons”. The music is finished and the artwork for the cards is coming together, with some form of release coming to light in the next six months. After a long delay, the LP version of the “Lightning/Spider/Grey” cassette will be released in early 2010 (we hope). We are aiming to release a limited edition live cdr and possibly something else in mid-winter.

In the realm of Art and publishing, Diadem may or may not have contributed a pornographic Tijuana Bible featuring beloved and obscure  images and words from the Surrealist canon to this project.

AJA ROSE BOND has just finished DDM05, “The Sources 1-6″ 3vol. zine. Completed in under 48 hours, this set of 3 zines is comprised of 6 collages, each a scrapbook of over 2 years of inspirational images, wall hangings and ephemera. Each volume pairs 2 collages and depicts a process of emerging and disappearing not unlike the surrealist mash-ups of Bond’s DJ Tapes project but in print form. They’re bound in an accordian format with 12 pages of color and b&w photocopies bound between cardstock covers. Hand stamped, signed and numbered in a limited edition of 20. This is the first of hopefully many publications released in the “Library” portion of our project.

As DJ TAPES, Aja performed at this year’s Vancouver New Music Festival, which led to some press here & there. A pair of official mixtapes and a version of the composition she developed for the festival should be on their way, released on cassette of course.

GABRIEL SALOMAN is working on a several projects this winter. He and old friend, roomate and Cexfucx alumni JP Jenkins have started a new blog/project devoted to the exploration of Win-Win Games in the arts. He’ll be screening Red76’s YouTube School for Social Politics this January as part of DIM Cinema. A catalog for CCAD’s “Descent to Revolution” exhibition which featured work by Red76 should be arriving in January, along with a new issue of Red76’s Journal of Radical Shimming.

As SADE SADE, Saloman has a few recordings to announce / in the works. Soldierpumps Records has released a split cassette with The Worker (Graham from Ahna). A 7″ that continues the collaboration with Paul McDevitt that began with The Cant is being put together for potential release in the early spring.

Saloman’s metal band, BLEEDER has a new website and a forthcoming demo cassette.

Hopefully we’ll be able to announce the arrival of these gestating seeds real soon. Thanks for checking in…

– Diadem

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