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The Lower Mainland Painting Co.

The Lower Mainland Painting Co.(LMPC) is an initiative around art, labor and art laborers. The LMPC is in fact a professional independent painting company that is pursuing paid work in the lower mainland, offering painting and low skilled carpentry services. It is also a conceptual artwork / performance / residency that views the site of labor as a ground within which artists can come together and share dialog, knowledge, questions and conversation around the issues of their day. Our work acts as a vehicle for community, while at the same time engaging in questions of art labor, definitions, productivity, object-hood and economy. Each commission includes a public presentations as well as a certificate of authenticity. Our work crew consists of Nathan Crompton, Sylvain Daval, Heather Jones, Brodie Kitchen, Nicholas Perrin, Byron Peters and myself.

Website |

Win-Win Games (with J.P. Jenkins)

Win-Win Games is an ongoing research and writing project investigating Win-Win Games in the Arts. Ranging from the group musical practices of New Music composers and indigenous cultures to children’s games and public interventions, the search for Win-Win games is also a search to define just what it is. In addition to a collaborative blog, Win-Win Games have been presented as a public performance/intervention and an ad hoc composer’s circle. Co-activated with Portland, OR based sound artist JP Jenkins.

Blog | JP Jenkins 1 | JP Jenkins 2

The Cant

The Cant was a performance event co-created with British artist Paul McDevitt and based on his work by the same name published by Artspeak. Together with a puppeteer we created a shadow play using various projections, field recordings, live music and drawings.

The Cant | Artspeak | Paul McDevitt

No War U.S.O.

No War U.S.O. was an initiative begun as a collaboration with Sam Gould of Red76 with the intention of modeling and creating spaces for solidarity and creative interaction between artists, anti-war Vets and their respective communities. In the face of the ongoing injustice of the wars in the middle east and elsewhere, some of the most vital and heroic opposition was emerging from Veterans themselves through groups such as Iraq Vets Against the War and Veterans for Peace. No War U.S.O. was an attempt to open dialog between the arts community and these activists, creating new platforms for Vets to have their voices heard, and to encourage creative artists to claim agency in opposing the Wars. In addition to dozens of proposed initiatives, No War U.S.O. hosted two events: A concert & fundraiser that included video, live music, guest speakers and performances held in a popular nightclub, and “Domestic DMZ / Picnic-In” which invited a whole neighborhood to transform itself on July 4, 2008 into a “demilitarized zone” which included free concerts, fundraisers at local businesses, public art and a huge picnic for peace.

Blog (inactive) | IVAW | Veterans for Peace

Collective JYRK

Collective Jyrk (1999-2006) was an interdisciplinary arts collective formed alongside Pete Swanson and Eric Mast (aka E*Rock). Collective Jyrk released experimental music on vinyl, cdr and cassette, published zines, created animations, hosted a web gallery and curated various art shows and events. Collective Jyrk attempted to model mutual aide and facilitate the creation and promotion of art work by friends and peers.



Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Concepts | CV

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