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Over the years a lot of work that gets called “social practices”, “relational aesthetics”, “social sculpture”, etc., has blurred the lines between curation and art-making. In many ways this is a liberating way for artists to share resources with other artists, to collaborate and create dialog. However these practices are problematic as many of the artists who initiate these projects absorb the larger share of the various forms of financial and creative capital that are generated by these collaborations. To clarify my relationship to these works and the works that are presented within these contexts I refer to them as “Curatorial Projects”.

Art & Parenthood


prOphecy sun, “Traces of Motherhood,” 2016. Still from video installation.

Art & Parenthood considers the social, material and aesthetic relationship that parenthood has to art-making. In spite of its enormous effect on a person’s life, in particular for those who bring a child to term, parenthood and child raising is often made invisible within the art world. Yet it has a tremendously transformative influence, positively and negatively, on the act of creation and the material conditions of art-making for parents. The exhibition Art & Parenthood is an attempt to produce a platform for articulating these experiences, exhibiting art made about – or in the context of – parenting, and challenging the exclusions that separate children from contemporary art. Featuring Mark DeLong; Dream the Combine; M. Rattray & Eloise; Skeena Reese; pRophecy Sun;

Links:  Art & Parenthood | Publication | Documentation | The Concrete Element | Canadian Art |

Future Concrete


Future Concrete is an exhibition of visual poetry by seven North American poets, creating answers and further questions to the question  “what comes after this?” Each poet was invited to engage questions of what poetics might be forty years on in order to address what a concrete poetics might be in our present. In no way intended to be a survey of visual poetry, this exhibition instead invites conversations about what materiality means in poetry (at this moment; for that artist), how a relationship with technology (past, present, future) informs poetic production, and what correspondence between form and content the modes of circulation, publication and reproduction employed in this exhibit have with what is made. Instead of a technophilic centering of the machinery of production – substituting digital for analog, algorithm for procedure – the focus of this work returns to the materiality of the body as a site of labor, desire, conflict and affect. Featuring: Jordan Abel; bill bissett, Danielle LaFrance; Donato Mancini; sidony o’neal, Anahita Jamali Rad; The Third Thing.

Links:  Future Concrete | Publication | Documentation

The STAG Library

A semi-public, semi-private lending and reference library run out of the Strathcona home of Aja Rose Bond and Gabriel Saloman. The STAG Library (est. 2012) contains a variety of printed matter and audio available for lending and reference, including thousands of books, magazines, zines, comics, pdfs, cassettes, cds and vinyl records. The library maintains regular open hours on Sundays from noon to five and hosts occasional events each month.

The STAG also offers a publication residency to facilitate research, composition and development of printed matter by artists, writers and others.

Links:  The STAG Library | MoCCA / Brewtality of Fact Beer Club | Breach Journal / “Closing Doors” |


The Strathcona Art Gallery (STAG) is a Project Space, Gallery and Residency in the Vancouver, BC home of Aja Rose Bond & Gabriel Saloman. As an experimental Micro-Gallery, The STAG is devoted to informality, community, social activity and big ideas in small places.

Links:  STAG

The Spartacus School of Passing Time

An ephemeral institution of learning, The Spartacus School of Passing Time utilizes an evolving “curriculum” – co-created by Gabriel Saloman and selected former collective members – installed within the Gallery Space / Washroom of the current Spartacus Books, located at 684 E Hastings St. It is comprised of a variety of learning tools including reading lists, archival documents and images,  public lectures or discussion, and a one-of-a-kind Reader to be permanently made available for study in the store. “Teachers” included Jesse Gray, Laiwan & Alexander Daughtery.

Links:  The Spartacus School of Passing Time

David Horwitz Mona Lisa

Add Art

Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators. It is a project run by Hana Newman and Steve Lambert, supported by Eyebeam Gallery. For “Innerseeing/Outerseeing I invited interdisciplinary photographers Suzy Poling and David Horowitz to contribute work.

Links:  Add-Art | Innerseeing/Outerseeing

Artworks | Music | Writings | Dance | Teaching | CV

Individual Work | with Red76 | Collaborations | Curatorial Projects | Publications

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